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Lease Accounting: FASB Revised Exposure Draft

Director, Pete Kennedy On May 16th, the FASB issued its revised exposure draft on Lease Accounting. This is the second time an exposure draft has been released on this topic. The draft details a major re-write to the rules around accounting for leases. In a nutshell: Lease accounting as it currently stands separates leases into…

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Looking to Better Manage Your Cash Flow, Payables & Receivables?

What if you could eliminate writing and mailing checks, bill payment errors, late payments and check fraud? What if you could do it all online, anytime, anywhere? Cover & Rossiter has a new tool available that can help you better manage your cash flow, accounts payables and accounts receivables. As your accounting firm and trusted…

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Trauma Healing in Africa – Burundi 2013

Cover & Rossiter team member, Vickie Young Beam, is traveling to Burundi, Africa, once again for more work on the Trauma Healing in Africa project. Vickie, along with 10 other volunteers, are leaving Thursday, June 20, 2013 for 2 1/2 weeks of training, counseling and support for our local partner, THARS. This time, the group…

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Introducing A New Bill Payment System

We’ve recently implemented an advanced bill payment system to make every step of your bill paying process much simpler and far less time-consuming. We have been working to provide technical solutions to reduce your administrative time. We want to you to have the ability to focus on higher valued services rather than administrative tasks. Some…

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