SafeSend Returns

SafeSend Returns - Fast, Safe, Easy Way to Deliver Your Tax Return

Cover & Rossiter uses an electronic delivery system for tax returns called SafeSend Returns. SafeSend Returns allows us to securely deliver tax returns electronically.

Those who qualify will be able to review their tax return, digitally sign their e-file authorization form(s), and return it quickly and securely to Cover & Rossiter, directly from the SafeSend platform.

SafeSend is available for delivery of the following tax returns:

Form 1040 Income Tax Return

Form 1041 Estate and Trust Tax Returns

Form 1065 Partnership Tax Return

Form 1120 & 1120S Corporation and S Corp Income Tax Returns

The process is easy and works as follows:

  1. You will receive an email from or Cover & Rossiter will be indicated in the email.
  2. This email will contain a safe link for you to access your tax return.
  3. You’ll be prompted to enter the last four digits of your Social Security or EIN number. Then, click on the Request Access Code button.
  4. SafeSend will send an access code in a separate email. Check your spam or junk folders if you do not see it in your inbox. You must enter the code within 10 minutes of receipt. If the code is not entered within 10 minutes, you can request another.
  5. When you’re ready to sign your e-file authorization form(s), the IRS requires SafeSend to ask you three simple questions to verify your identity. *Note: This step is for 1040 clients only.
  6. If you are filing jointly, SafeSend will ask you to type in the email address of your spouse. They will then receive email notification to access SafeSend and sign the e-file authorization form(s). *Note: This step is for 1040 clients only.
  7. When you gain access to your return, you will be given the option to download and review the return and then move on to signing the e-file authorization form(s)
  8. If the return includes K-1s to be distributed, you have the option of emailing K-1s to the recipients. Simply enter their email address. *Note: This step is for 1041 and 1065/1120 clients only.
  9. Once you’ve signed the e-file authorization form(s), Cover & Rossiter will be automatically notified and will complete the rest of the e-file process.

Check out the SafeSend Returns’ Taxpayer Quick Reference Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to review your 1040 tax return and sign your e-file authorization form(s) via SafeSend Returns. Or, you can watch the appropriate short video that will walk you through the process: 1040 Taxpayer Video -OR- 1041 Taxpayer Video -OR- 1065/1120 Taxpayer Video.

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