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School Property Tax Relief for Seniors

The State of Delaware currently offers homeowners ages 65 and over a tax credit against their school property taxes of 50% (up to $500). The Senior School Property Tax Credit may be used against the property taxes on a primary residence. To qualify for this credit, you must be age 65 or older by June…

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Business Vehicle – Buying vs. Leasing

It can be tough to decide whether to lease or buy a vehicle. There is not a universal answer to this question. It depends on both financial and lifestyle considerations. Here are some points to think about when trying to decide: Here are a few reasons to purchase a vehicle: If a vehicle that is…

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Charitable Travel – How Giving Back Can Reward you at Tax Time

Giving back by volunteering or serving on a non-profit board is a reward in itself. What makes it even better is that the government wants to give you a little break at tax time for your service as well. Taxpayers are able to deduct reasonable expenses for travel, meals, and entertainment when travelling to perform…

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