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Similar Fact Pattern, Different Results

By Peter Hopkins, CPA, MS (Tax) – Manager and Marie Holliday, CPA, MBA – Managing Director As published in Delaware Banker Fall 2016 Vol.12 No. 4 A pair of recent Tax Court cases should cause advisers to take note. The IRS’s targets were Sumner Redstone and the estate of his brother, Edward. Sumner is the…

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Campaign Season is Coming – Know the Rules!

By Pete Kennedy, CPA, CVA – Director at Cover & Rossiter, P.A. There is a longstanding, semi-friendly feud between Naval Aviators and the other real Naval Officers who man the ships. So when, in the 2000 presidential race for the Republican nomination, Senator John McCain was giving a campaign speech with a color-guard of Naval…

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Charitable Travel – How Giving Back Can Reward you at Tax Time

Giving back by volunteering or serving on a non-profit board is a reward in itself. What makes it even better is that the government wants to give you a little break at tax time for your service as well. Taxpayers are able to deduct reasonable expenses for travel, meals, and entertainment when travelling to perform…

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E-Mail Schemes Using the IRS Name

In a world where technology has brought so many advances, it is unfortunate that it has also brought many financial risks.  All of us are aware that identity theft exists.  This theft can occur when someone uses your personal information to empty your bank accounts, apply for new credit cards or loans, or charge up…

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