By Marie Holliday, CPA, MBA Cover & Rossiter Managing Director
Editor’s Note: Marie was elected Chair of Delaware State Chamber of Commerce (DSCC)’s Board of Directors in August 2023. Delaware Business Magazine is published bi-monthly by the DSCC and includes the “Chair Message”, in which Marie highlights issues and initiatives being addressed by the Chamber. In the Jan/Feb 2024 issue, the Chair’s Message focuses on creating a working partnership between the Delaware business community and policymakers. Below is an excerpt, along with a link to the full article in Delaware Business Magazine.

IN THE 2023 ANNUAL REPORT issue of this magazine, Nick Lambrow’s chair message indicated that business owners and leaders believed that better communication was paramount to achieving our objectives. In pursuit of this improved level of communication, State Chamber members met with the State House and Senate leadership last spring to convey the policy initiatives that were important to the business community. The discussions focused on the business community’s challenges, such as talent recruitment, as well as successes, like upskilling our workforce.

These meetings between legislators and Chamber leadership were a great start and will continue in the future. But this was only the first phase of improving the communication process. Looking forward to 2024, if we expect to make a long-term difference and advocate for the business community, we need to forge lasting relationships with elected officials. An occasional meeting with policymakers will not be enough. The effort needs to be consistent and encompass more members of the business community. Click here to read the rest of the article.

Marie Holliday hosts DSCC members at networking event held at Cover &Rossiter's office

Marie Holliday, CPA, MBA has been Managing Director of Cover & Rossiter since 2016. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the firm as well as leading the firm’s tax and advisory services departments. She has been a longtime volunteer at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, having served on multiple committees. In 2019, she joined DSCC’s Board of Governors. In 2021, she was elected to the Board of Directors to serve as treasurer. She became vice chair in 2022, and in August 2023, Marie was elected as chair of DSCC’s Board of Directors.