The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce regularly delves into important topics within the business community on their podcast show Conversations with Kelly, hosted by State Chamber vice president of strategic communications, Kelly Basile. 

Recently on Episode 11 of Conversations with Kelly, managing director of Cover & Rossiter Marie Holliday was invited on as a guest to share her valuable insights on leadership. Joining Marie for this conversation was Brian DiSabatino, president and CEO of EDiS Company. This engaging episode titled “Connecting with the Why” discusses what it takes to make a great leader. Marie and Brian explored their leadership styles and how they embody the mission and vision of their respective organizations. Both Cover & Rossiter and EDiS are two-time winners of the Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award; only one other company holds that distinction since the award was established in 1998! 

Marie describes her leadership style as a blend of transformational and visionary approaches. Given her role in growing future leaders within her organization, she emphasizes the importance of adapting to changing industry trends, particularly in the field of accounting, encouraging her team to develop their skills and pursue advanced certifications. Marie’s visionary leadership helps her anticipate the future direction of the company and industry. This includes challenging her team to utilize new technologies effectively, enabling them to provide more advisory-focused services.

Reflecting on his role as CEO of EDiS, Brian takes a thoughtful approach to leadership, describing his style as visionary. He attributes his approach to looking ahead and anticipating future possibilities for the organization, especially with the contribution of technology in their field. Brian also explains how connecting the company’s vision to the personal “whys” of each employee is crucial for effective execution. By distilling the organization’s values into the concept of legacy, Brian helps employees understand the significance of their contributions and how they can leave their mark within the company.

When it comes to the challenges of communicating the why-factor to their employees, Marie acknowledges the difficulty in ensuring everyone understands the bigger picture, especially in light of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. She highlights the importance of modeling behaviors and creating opportunities for employees to see the whole picture, as well as their own role within it. Brian adds that connecting the why of the organization to the why of each person is essential for a successful strategy. He shares how EDiS celebrates its employees’ milestones and showcases their achievements through social media, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation.

Host Kelly Basile also took time to acknowledge Marie and Brian’s involvement in the community through volunteer work and board memberships. Marie expresses her passion for volunteering, which she cultivated from a young age. Marie emphasizes the immense value she finds in giving back, and the personal and professional growth that she’s experienced from these endeavors. Mentioning his own participation in various community activities, from church events to nonprofit board memberships, Brian shares his long-standing commitment to volunteerism and belief that authentic and genuine care for people is central to successful business operations.

Both leaders exemplify the impact that great leadership can have on business success and community development. Thank you for sharing your insights Marie, and thank you to Kelly Basile and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce for a great conversation!

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