We are thrilled to announce that Andy Johnson, Principal at Cover and Rossiter, has completed the ConvergenceCoaching® Spring Transformational Leadership Program™.

Andy has been an employee in the tax department since 2008. His primary focus is helping clients navigate the constantly changing tax landscape. In addition, he has taken on a leadership role in evaluating and implementing new technologies intended to help shape Cover & Rossiter as a CPA and advisory firm positioned for growth well into the future. With his exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail, Andy is an incredible asset to the C&R team.

“I am continuously impressed by Andy’s relationships with clients, work ethic and determination to enhance his leadership skills. The firm, and our clients in particular, will continue to benefit from Andy’s tax expertise and guidance!”

Marie Holliday, Managing Director at Cover & Rossiter

ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC, is a national leadership and management consulting firm that helps public accounting and consulting firms achieve success. Their Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) is a one-year accelerated “finishing school” for CPA and consulting firm new partners and emerging leaders. The TLP focuses first on individual mindset and behavior to drive change in thinking and personal responsibility, followed by strategies and actions to prepare them to lead their firm into the future. This program consists of assignments, workshops, coaching, and more, and allows leaders to evolve and challenge themselves to best support their clients and their company. 

Congratulations Andy!