COVID 19 Update: Digital Submission of Your Tax Documents

We strongly encourage you to submit your documents via one of our secure file submission platforms, TaxCaddy or Sharefile

TaxCaddy: TaxCaddy makes it easier than ever to gather your 1040 tax documents and share them with Cover & Rossiter. If you are a current C&R client, send an email to and ask to be sent a link to enroll in TaxCaddy.

ShareFile: ShareFile is available for you to securely send all types of files (Excel, Word, PDF, QuickBooks, .jpeg, etc.). CLICK HERE for instructions on uploading your tax documents using ShareFile. Then, when you’re ready to send us your documents, CLICK HERE. For recipient, use

Questions about TaxCaddy or ShareFile? You can email us at or call us at (302) 656-6632.