By: Caren McCabe, MBA, Administrative/Marketing Specialist

Earlier this year, we added new tools to our website. Our goal is to make it easier for you to get answers to questions any time they come up. Here are a few of the questions, these tools can help answer:

  • Where’s my refund?
  • How many years do I need to keep tax documents?
  • I’m looking to purchase a new car/boat/home/; what will the payments be?
  • Should I buy or lease a new copier for my office?
  • How much will I save in interest if I pay an additional $100 each month for my student loan?
  • When is my quarterly tax payment due?

When you have a few minutes, be sure to check them out. You’ll find these tools in the Client Support drop down menu:

What follows is a brief summary of each new tool:

Calculators: We have 100 financial calculators that can help you work on any financial project. From auto loans to mortgages to cash flow, get the information you need easily and quickly, 24/7.

Record Retention: Now that you’ve filed your 2018 taxes, how long do you need to hold onto tax returns and/or original documents? This tool includes record retention guidelines for individuals and businesses.

Track Your Refund: If you’re waiting on your tax refund, use our Tax Refund tool to find out the status. This tool applies to your Federal and State tax returns.

Tax Links: Don’t know where to go for tax information? We have all the links you’ll need to get you started.

Tax Calendar: Get the latest information on when payments and/or tax filings are due to the IRS.

We hope you find these tools and resources helpful. Of course, you can always call Cover & Rossiter with your tax questions!