Cover & Rossiter Holiday Charitable Giving

On Friday December 9th, Cover & Rossiter had the opportunity to wrap gifts purchased for a family and twelve men.

This event became a tradition that our firm has conducted each year in lieu of giving gifts to other staff members and partners. We have always felt that our gifts would better serve those who are less fortunate in our community.  This year, we also ask that you look into your hearts and dig a little deeper so we can show support for these men who are trying so hard to get back on their feet. They ask mostly for work boots, pants and pens.

The charities we have chosen to give to this season are: 

The Newark Day Nursery and Children’s Center

Our community partners can help us meet our commitment to providing affordable early care and school age services to low-moderate income families. All families are expected to financially support their children to the extent they are able. Newark Day Nursery and Children’s Center is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization

The Sunday Breakfast Mission: Men’s Residential Discipleship Ministry

For 120 years Sunday Breakfast Mission has worked with the tramps, vagabonds, hobos, impoverished, homeless and otherwise destitute in and around Wilmington. Sunday Breakfast Mission serves the community primarily through meals and shelter, though its recently added addiction recovery programs for women and men have blossomed into a new focal point of its mission. The organization received its Superstars in Business award last November in the throes of its busiest season—the holidays.

We invite you and encourage you to join us in giving this year.

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