Sticker shock at the gas pump is a big concern-especially for folks on fixed incomes.   There ARE steps you can take to cut your fuel costs:


  • You can get some good exercise and walk or bike, take the bus or train and, if you work, join a carpool.  Parents can carpool their children to school with neighbors.  Many companies with match employees with carpool routes!
  • Combine errands – map out a route and cover all of your errands at once.
  • Shop on line as much as possible.


  • Many gas credit cards offer discounts and rebates.  Some grocery stores give points with purchase – the points can be used to buy gas.  Some wholesale clubs offer discounted gas.
  • See if your gas station charges less on certain days of the week OR less if you pay with cash.
  • Fill up in the early morning or late evening – you will get more liquid gas and fewer vapors in your car.  Fill up at a quarter tank for optimal fuel injection and thus better mileage.  Don’t top off – the extra gas is often wasted.
  • Research the internet for the lowest fuel prices in your area.


  • Get your car serviced regularly.  Of particular importance are a clean air filter and a clean fuel filter.  Change your oil every 5,000 miles and use synthetic oil if possible.
  • Take the junk out of your car, get your tires aligned and make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure.


  • Maintain a steady speed AT or BELOW the speed limit.  Use cruise control wherever possible.
  • Avoid idling, weaving and generally you will use less gas if you drive without your air conditioner on.
  • Avoid prolonged warm-up times and stop and start less – your foot on the brake means more gas used.

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