June 28, 2010 marked our third annual “Take Your Child to Work Day” event.  We hosted nine children, including 3 new ones.  It was a challenge to keep up with them, but we managed!  Our theme this year was “Saving”.  There was a thoughtful discussion during the “Wants vs. Needs” game as each team worked to decide whether items were necessary for survival.  (And I’ll tell you that the all-boy Team 3 was right when they said a diamond ring is a need!)  The “Saver or Spender “activity prompted them to think about how they spend their money, such as going to the early movie instead of the prime-time showing, looking for a sale, and bargain shopping.  And to really drive home the value of a dollar, we discussed “Cash or Credit” and the fact that credit isn’t a bad thing until you’re in over your head.

But it wasn’t all work!  Our fun activities included Adding Machine Olympics (a favorite among the kids) and money origami.  And to round out the day’s festivities, four teams participated in a scavenger hunt of various items around the office (complete with riddles and maps).

It’s never too soon to teach children the value of money and hard work; and each of them had fun learning about it!

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