The old saying “Left to leave, right to receive” proposes that itchy palms are a sign of money coming or going.  These days, it’s safe to say that a lot of us have itchy palms.  You have done your due diligence and sent your tax return to the taxing agencies in a timely manner.  Now you have to sit and await your refund.  We have good news, action can be taken to find out about your refund; your IRS and regional States refund status is only a click away by visiting our website.  Under the tab for News & Resources, click the Resources Link for a list of available sites.  To access your refund status you will need your social security number, filing status and the amount of your expected refund.  The sites listed are strictly confidential and secure for your safety and privacy. If you don’t have that specific information, you can still get a general idea by visiting thislink to the IRS Refund Cycle Chart which shows when you can expect either a direct deposit or a paper check to be mailed.

E-filing your tax return does speed up the refund process.  Cover & Rossiter makes every effort to submit your tax return by e-file.  Another way to quicken the process is to gather your tax information throughout the year.  Keep track of expense, medical and business receipts as you receive them.  If you travel out of the state or city, keep a travel record of the days you worked outside the state or city.  Did you move or purchase real estate?  Keep your settlement sheet with your tax information.  This is a sampling of the type of items you can gather together for your tax return before January.

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