Has it been ten years already?  During the last head count we thought Y2K would end the world.  Many of us were still using dial-up and the term “Google” was more likely uttered by toddlers than teens.  We were still saving files to floppy disks and the idea of “beaming” anything only happened on Star Trek.  “Phishing” was a misspelling of the activities you did with your grandfather and the first report of Identity Theft had not yet occurred.  My, how times have changed.

The advances in technology over the past decade have undoubtedly made our lives easier.  We can buy our groceries, get our college education and “work from home” on line.  We jump at the chance to renew our vehicle registrations without having to stand in the long lines at the DMV.  Why not complete our census online?

Because it’s a scam, a con, a hoax, a bamboozle.  Posted in bold print on their website:

“The Census Bureau does NOT conduct the 2010 Census via email or the Internet.”

  • The Census Bureau does not request detailed personal information through email.
  • The Census Bureau does not send email requesting PIN codes, passwords social security numbers or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts.”

The Census Bureau may send a survey out regarding your experience in completing the Census, but they will not ask for any personal information electronically.  To verify if the survey you receive is legitimate, visit their site “Are You In A Survey?”

If you do find yourself a victim of an email scam, please report it to the Census Bureau at:  itso.fraud.reporting@census.gov

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

Amy Cozine

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