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Cover & Rossiter Expands Audit Services for Captive Insurance Companies to More States

Wilmington, Delaware

Cover & Rossiter, which is one of Delaware’s oldest and most respected certified public accounting and advisory firms, is now authorized to perform audits for captive insurance companies licensed in the states of Delaware, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Kentucky with applications pending in Montana and the District of Columbia.

Cover & Rossiter ( was the first Delaware-based independent auditor to be authorized by the State of Delaware to perform audits for captive insurance companies domiciled in Delaware. Its services keep captives fully compliant with all regulatory and tax requirements.

Cover & Rossiter has been an active member of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association since its formation in 2005 and remains the most experienced Delaware-based independent auditor of captive insurance companies domiciled in the state. While Cover & Rossiter provides services for all types of captives, it specializes in 831(b) captives due to their unique tax treatment.

For more information about Cover & Rossiter’s services for captive insurance companies, please contact:

Joanne Shaver, CPA
Practice Leader

(302) 691-2238

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